For jobs with very long roof runs, complex shapes or both, LYSAGHT® Mobile Rollforming on-site reduces the risks in transport and handling of very long panels, eliminates step and expansion joints and allows precise matching of production with installation schedules.

  • Panel lengths from 1 to 320 meters, depending on panel profile, for long uninterrupted clean lines.
  • Elevated roll to roof options eliminates need to lift long panels reducing cost and installation time.
  • Easier coordination of panel lengths and complex curves to fit site conditions.


Product Features

Profiles Available for Mobile Rollforming:
Lysgaht Flex-Lok
Lysaght Ultra Rib
Lysaght Klip-Lok Optima
Lysaght Spandek Optima
Lysaght Spandek
Lysaght Trimdek Optima
Lysgaht Trimdek