Project Information

Purwosari, East Java
- sqm
Project Owner
PT Indolakto
PT Indoswissatama

Indolakto is one of the the largest producers of dairy products in Indonesia. Well recognized for their excellent taste and quality. For dairy products, Indolakto can be considered the expert.
A good factory is one of the important part that allow them to produce high quality products. And for this, Indolakto the experts to work with them. PT Indo Swissatama, one of the experts in planning and designing industrial plants in Indonesia and PT Tatamulia Nusantara Indah a construction company with years of experience in industrial building.
The factory design require a long roof sheeting without underlaps, ensuring efficiency in material usage and reducing the risk of water leakage from overlaps. This requirement also applied for the wall cover, with additional challenge of having two colors combined to achieve a unique look
A 50 m long LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® roof may be impossible to be transported from Lysaght factory in Sidoarjo to the factory site in Purwosari. But the machine that produce it can. So, the work can be done with ‘roll on site’ method. The roof sheets can be produced accurately to the required length and Lysaght quality standard.
For the wall, precision in profile is important. Two colors choice of LYSAGHT SPANDEK® COLORBOND® makes it possible for the factory to have a 30m high wall installed accurately and achieve the unique look.