Project Information

Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan
115,262 sqm
Project Owner
PT Jaya Real Property

Bintaro Jaya Xchange mall the latest shopping centre in Bintaro area of south Jakarta. This mall is the first stage of the 25 hectare superblock by PT Jaya Property. With the development concept that refers to an Ecommunity (Ecology Community), the building displays implementation of nature friendly architecture. It can be visually recognized from the giant green wall dominating the façade. The first of it’s kind for a shopping centre in Indonesia.
Following the green vision of the development, the use of a high durability building materials will put more green value to the building. Along with the required capability to form the curve shape of the roof.
Not only as the first shopping centre to have a giant green wall as façade, Bintaro Xchange mall is also the first building in Indonesia to use LYSAGHT FLEX-LOK roof. And for this, both project owner and contractor need to have a good understanding of the product. This require LYSAGHT to provide a proper education in terms of product knowledge.