Project Information

4,000 Sqm.
Project Owner
Ministry of Education

Rajabhat Utraradit University is the first and only government university in the province which has been established for over 79 years, locate at Tha-it subdistrict, Muang district, Utraradit province. Per over 100,000 students with opening of new faculty to serve the students, the university has to build the new learning facility which has 5 stories floor to be office of public relation works, student admission works, educational services section, chancellor and various departments of the university. This new learning building has been modernly designed with 4 steps curved roofing. The university has selected LYSAGHT® ZIPDEK® per outstanding features to response with the specific architectural design. Through ability in smooth and attractive roof bending by Tapered Straight roll forming format, specific roll forming process of Lysaght that both roof ends are not equal, and also operation control by expert engineer, this makes its modern look and unique reflecting to the next generation building.