Project Information

5,000 Sqm.
Project Owner
Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science & Technology
Architects 49 Limited

PTT has intention to establish the leading educational institution in Rayong which is one of the country economical center that has contributed Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at 7% of overall Thailand GDP. By this purposed, the educational institution will be set up as the first university in Rayong with educational quality at the level of other world leading graduated academies by focusing in technology science and intensive research for creating knowledge subjects and forefront innovation which includes secondary science school setting up for students who have talent on mathematics and science which will move into higher education level and then become the future scientist for Thai society, leading Thailand to full knowledge society at the end. Training center has been modernly designed with outstanding building especially curved shape roofing. Roof sheets have been installed in askew direction for the whole building area which is difficult during the production and installation stage that has led PTT decision to select LYSAGHT® ZIPDEK® as it has been developed for specific architectural design since profile can be curved with smooth and aesthetic looks.