Project Information

Gadog, Bogor, West Java
12,000 sqm
Project Owner
Agung Podomoro Land
Tau Architect
Vimala Hills is an integrated thematic Villa & Resort, located in Gadog, Bogor, with exotic view of 3 mountains: Geulis, Salak and Pangrango. This development is providing a place to escape the busy and hecting city living in Jakarta.
The house offer a touch of traditional architecture, especially for the roof design. Adopting the curvy shape of traditional granary look, covered with asphalt shingle for more natural look. This require roof frame that could accommodate the curvy shape and at the same time able to bear the load of the roof cover. As the asphalt shingle must be installed on top of plywood which add quite heavy load for the roof frame.
Curve shape roof is not commonly constructed using light weight steel truss. Therefore, the design and engineering process must be done accurately to meet the desired look.
LYSAGHT SMARTRUSS® with the support of SUPRACADD design software, able to produce an accurately design roof trusses. Ensuring the curve shape can be achieved and at the same time carry the load.
With zinc-aluminium coating, protecting each steel member from corrotion. Making it possible to last longer and less maintenance.
The end result is combination of peace and quiet of nature itself and the safe and comforting feeling of having a trusted roof truss on top.