PROBUILD® Building Systems are an extension of BlueScope Steel’s innovative and high quality building products. With a PROBUILD® building system, every component is engineered and manufactured to assemble together. The entire building from the structural system to the roof and wall systems can be built with greater speed and precision than is generally possible with conventional construction methods.

A PROBUILD® building is delivered with BlueScope’s proprietary LYSAGHT® roof and wall cladding systems, and a superior level of support by our full-fledge locally-based project management and engineering design team. The PROBUILD® building system is an innovative building solution that can be designed with very wide spans and a great variety of building accessories and add-on features, giving you unmatched versatility in terms of your building’s functionality. Proprietary technology with consistent, dependable support and technical guidance is how we guarantee our customers success of a PROBUILD® project from beginning to end.

The PROBUILD® Difference

1. Proprietary LYSAGHT® Technology & Expertise
Delivered with high quality LYSAGHT® roof and wall cladding systems which have been developed and improved over a span of more than 140 years, these proprietary systems have been tried and tested throughout Asia. Customers can rest assured that a PROBUILD® building can be designed to meet a wide range of project requirements accompanied by certified performance tests and material warranties, and is fit for purpose and environment within the Southeast Asia region.

2. Speed & Precision
Every component is engineered and manufactured to assemble together. The entire building from the structural system to the roof and wall systems can be built with greater speed and precision, ensuring a fast assembly and long term performance.

3. Network of Reputable BlueScope Installers
Wherever your business takes you to in Thailand, we will be able to provide you with a network of reputable builders who are already familiar with installing BlueScope systems. What sets us apart is deeper knowledge of the local building regulations and a shared commitment to safety.

PRO-LOK 75TM Standing Seam Roof System

The new generation of 360° seam locked roofing system developed by BlueScope Buildings. ITs rib is as high as 75mm after seaming. The unique design of the clip and online mastic application technology deliver excellent weather tightness performance. The system is the ideal choice for large industrial and commercial building, especially for building with big-span roof.

360 degree seaming technology further improves the water tightness performance by the 1st class seamer with advance motor and tooling make the excellent seaming and shorten roof erection time. PRO-LOK 75™ Standing Seam Roof System has been tested by Factory Mutual and is listed in the FM Approval Guide for Class I Penal Roofs. It can be designed and supplied to meet the FM Uplift Ratings of 1-60, 1-90, 1-75, 1-90, 1-135 and 1-240.

Safety and Invention

BlueScope Buildings is committed to safety and zero harm. Safety lies at the foundation of our company’s culture and we practice consistent safety policies around globe. Our Invention of the Sky Web II™ Fall Protection and Insulation Support System is just one example of our commitment. It acts as a passive restraint system used to protect workers from falls and can provide protection from certain falling objects during roof construction. After the building is complete, it serves as a support system for a building’s insulation.

Sky Web IITM Benefits

1. Provides Passive Fall Protection
2. Builders have reported Lower “in place” Roof
3. Installation Cost through:
    – Improved Roof Sheeting Productivity
    – Reduced Days Lost to Wind
    – Reduced Facing Repair Work
4. Attractive Finished Appearance
5. Long Term Benefits including:
    – Reduced Liability Risks and Insurance Costs
    – OSHA’s Safety Procedures Compliance Support


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