Project Information

Terbanggi besar km 77, Lampung Tengah
10,000 sqm
Project Owner
PT Great Giant Livestock
Design Consultant
5G Consultant

Great Giant Livestock (GGL) is one of the largest cattle feedlot in Indonesia. Established in 1990 in Lampung, southern part of Sumatera island. After over 14 years of it’s operation, GGL has now the capacity of 100,000 heads annually.

Located within Great Giant Pineapple (GGP) 320,000 hectares plantation in Central Lampung, GGL also processes pineapple peel and tapioca waste into cattle feed. In return, cattle manure from GGL supplied to GGP which later processed to become fertilizer.

GGL follows strict animal welfare practice, which require proper treatment for the cattle, that includes providing a qood quality sheds. A big challenge for building contractor and supplier to choose a building system that will help to build fast with good quality material that will last long. Good for investment and less disturbance for the animals. Another challenge is material mobilization due to it’s remote location in a plantation.

RANBUILD® system provides a light and fast building. Small size and thickness material makes it easier for transportation to and within site. Pre-coated steel for main structure and roofing provides high durability for the material in a corrosive environment.